——–Original Email——–

Recently I purchased a Dannon Danimals Strawberry-Kiwi/Cherry 4oz., 6 Pack. The yogurt was smooth in texture and pleasing to the palette. However, I find the packaging for the Cherry flavored yogurt to be inappropriate and sexually suggestive.

Each of your Danimals features an animal as sort of a mascot to appeal to and catch the interest of children. This marketing ploy is used many in other markets such as breakfast cereal. For instance, Fruit Loops has Toucan Sam, Tricks has the Silly Rabbit, and so on. None of these are completely inappropriate or outrageously sexually suggestive. But why on Gods greenish Earth would you choose to put a Beaver on Cherry flavored yogurt?

Was your marketing person sexually frustrated that day? Did they think it was funny? Are you guys trying to write for Jay Leno now? To me this is just as offensive as Tricks using a hooker as its mascot or Rice Crispies using an Asian. Thank God my 3 year old daughter can’t read yet, because on your packaging in bold letters it says Beaver with Cherry right below it. Yes that’s right, say it out loud with me, BEAVER CHERRY! To drive your shenanigans even farther, there is a large shinny Cherry right over the Beaver’s crotch area.

When I saw this I chuckled at first, then I thought about it for a second and I felt like Dannon was insulting my intelligence and suggestively exposing children to the evils of sex. To make sure I wasn’t a complete lunatic, I asked a few people if they thought anything was funny about the packaging. As soon as they saw it, they all busted out in a hysterical uncontrollable laughing fit. That is how noticeable your childish sexual joke is. I couldn’t let this pass with out warning, so I decided to tell you, YOU ARE NOT IN THE LEAST BIT FUNNY.

Please for the sake of our children, pop the Beaver Cherry.

I will pray for you, Rodney Williams

——–Response Email——–

September 25, 2002

Dear Mr. Williams,

Thank you for contacting The Dannon Company.
We always appreciate hearing from our consumers and receiving their feedback.

With regard to your specific comments about our Danimals packaging, in no way or form have we intended to suggest such things. However, we can tell you that our packaging is being replaced in the next few weeks anyway, as our Danimals cup yogurt is becoming Danimals Super Creamy.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to e-mail Dannon.

Lisa Moore
Consumer Service Representative